LSII Cover

The Ants
The Ape
The Beavers
The Bloatosaurus
The Buffoons
The Butterfly and the Moth
The Buzzards
The Cactus
The Canaries
The Cantipede
The Cat
The Cattle
The Coelacanth
The Crows
The Dung Beetle
The Ersatz
The Fruit Fly
The Gnat
The Groundhog
The Grub
The Homing Pigeon
The Killer Smarm
The Lab Rat
The Lawn Dwarfs
The Lemming
The Leopard
The Locusts
The Monitor Lizard
The Mouse
The Pack Rat
The Panda
The Panther
The Pit Bull
The Raccoon
The Saber-Toothed Cats
The Salmon
The Scapegoat
The Slug
The Spider
The Stem Cell
The Stone
The Tapeworm
The Vulgarian
The Walruses
The Wolves
The Worm
The Xenophobe
The Zebra