LSIV Cover

All Creatures Great and Small
Attila the Hun
The Black Hole
The Boa Constrictor
The Bug on the Windshield
The Chimera
The Clam
The Clown
The Crossword Puzzle
The Dodos
The Dragonfly
The Entrepreneurs
The Fatted Calf
The Goose
The Hawk
The Homing Pigeon (reprise)
The Hummingbird
The Knight, Death, and the Devil
The Leaf
Life as We Know It
The Migratory Bird
The Misanthrope
The Mud
The Navel
The Old Dog
Orpheus and Eurydice
The Oxen
Pavlov's Dogs
Petrified Wood
The Possum
The Roadrunner
The Rooster
The Rubber Rooms
The Sacred Cow
The Sanctamander
The Satyr
The Shark
The Skunks
The Slough of Despond
The Smug
The Sphinx
The Swan
Swiss Cheese
The Tribe
The Vegetable
The Warbler
The Weak Ego