LS Cover

The Ameba
The Ant and the Grasshopper
The Bear
The Beast-Within
The Birds of Paradise
The Booby and the Loon
The Bull
The Bullfrog
The Bumblebees
The Cheetah
The Crabs
The Eagle
The Elephant
The Finches
The Flamingos
The Fox
The Gingerbread Man
The Goat
The Guinea Pigs
The Insect
The Jackals
The King of Beasts
The Larks
The Leech
The Mink
The Minotaur
The Missing Link
The Mole and the Owl
The Mosquito
The Ostrich and the Emu
The Parrot
The Phoenix
The Pig
The Poodle
The Preying Mantis
The Pushmi-Pullyu
The Pusillanimus
The Robot
The Rubber Chicken
The Seven Deadly Sins
The Sheep
The Squirrel
The Sunflower
The Swifts
The Termite
The Tortoise
The Turtledoves
The Twitter-Birds
The Unicorn
The Whale
The Woolly Mammoth