Maneater Meditations Cover

Swiss Cheese
The Clam
The Lab Rat
The Minotaur
The Amoeba
The Sheep
The Ersatz
Jonathan Swift
The Chameleon
Pet Humans
The Unicorn
The Smug
The Flamingos
The Mosquito
The Corpse
The Pit Bull
The Vampire Bats
The Scapegoat
The Fox
The Doppelgänger
The Cuckoos
The Homing Pigeon
Spirit and Flesh
The Old Goat
The Migratory Bird
The Butterfly and the Moth
The Wood Ducks
The Mantis
The March of the Pundits
The Gargoyles
The Booby and the Loon
The Question Mark
Harm's Way
The Big Lie
Pavlov's Dogs
The Buffoons
The Milk of Human Kindness
The Xenophobe
Church and State
The Garden Gnomes
The Cantipede
The Gorilla
The Immortal
The Misanthrope
The Bedbug
The Potatoes
The Foxhound
The Beast-Within
The Bear
The Bullfrog
The Possum
The Sunflower
The Sardine
The Ant and the Grasshopper
The Bull
The Cat
The Phoenix
The Sphinx
The Scorpion
The Rhinoceros
The Molehill
The Topiary Menagerie
A Tree in the Forest
The Tortoise
The Retiree
The Glutton for Life
The Spider