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Tales from the Stuffed Fabulist
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The "moral" or "lesson" of each tale is left to the reader to decide.

Scroll through the opening lines and select highlighted text to read a tale in full.
A PDF version can then be downloaded from a link on that page.
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Once an aardvark was set on writing a book.
Once the good citizens of Delphi decided they'd had enough of Aesop.
Once an ant and a grasshopper crossed paths after being out of touch for years.
Once an armadillo came across a tattered tabloid with the headline "Psychic Warns, World to End!!!
Once a barnacle weighed the moral pros and cons of moving on.
Once large parts of the globe fell victim to flesh-eating bacteria.
Once a bloodhound lost its sense of smell.
Once a bubble took itself very seriously.
Once a bug threw itself at a windshield with gusto.
Once a bull opened a china shop.
Once a chameleon found it could change the color of anything it touched.
Once a cicada emerged from seventeen years underground to find little had changed.
Once a civet cat worried about body odor.
Once a corpse in a wildly popular "Bodies Exhibition" had some things to say about the crowd before it.
Once a crow sat on a branch and contemplated the condition of man.
Once dots chafed at all the efforts made to connect them.
Once a free spirit stubbed its toe.
Once a hallucination sensed the good times were coming to an end.
Once a hawk had trouble maintaining eye contact.
Once wearing your heart upon your sleeve was all the rage.
Once Icarus went for a swim.
Once an insect awoke from uneasy dreams to find itself transformed into Gregor Samsa.
Once a radioactive isotope couldn't wait to reach the end of its first half-life.
Once Jonathan Swift tried out for a stand-up comedy show.
Onca a leaf had a premonition of fall.
Once a pride of lions gathered at a much-touted restaurant called "Top of the Food Chain."
Once a migratory bird stopped by the local travel agency.
Once a mudskipper got bogged down.
Once a navel started gazing back.
Once a newborn struggled with post-partum depression.
Once a pawn tried to size up the board.
Once a poodle took up ballroom dancing.
Once it was widely believed prunes grew on trees.
Once it was proposed the question mark be declared obsolete.
Once a robot created an artificial human being.
Once a sardine was feeling kind of lonesome.
Once a satyr set himself up as a lifestyle coach.
Once a shark suffered from bleeding gums.
Once a spider set to work on its last web of the year.
Once the Spirit and the Flesh were forced to undergo relationship counseling.
Once a stone wondered whether it should say something.
Once a slice of Swiss cheese had a thought.
Once a termite applied for a grant to carry on with its work.
Once a unicorn lost its horn trying to make a career change.
Once a vegetable slipped into a persistent human state.
Once a warbler couldn't get a song out of its head.
Once a whale beached itself in a furniture showroom recliner.
Once a woodpecker suffered from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Copyright © 2004-2018 by Geoffrey Grosshans           Artwork by J. Savage